Meet Sheriff Nichols 

Leadership ~ Experience ~ Integrity

Of the People, For the People.


Both sides of my family have lived in Maine (Franklin County) for at least 200 years. My father’s side of the family originated from the Camp Ground Road in East Livermore, my mother's side from the Rangeley area.

I was born in Farmington in 1961, raised there and graduated from Mt Blue High School in 1979. After graduation I joined the Army as a Paratrooper and served three years of active service, continuing my military service for an additional three years - serving in both the Army Reserve and National Guard. 


During that time I met my wife Lorna, whose family is from and lived in Jay. We have been married nearly 36 years and spent the past 34 years in New Sharon. We have two children, son Scott Jr. and daughter Katelyn and two beautiful grandchildren. Scott Jr. and Katelyn are both military veterans of the Iraq & Afghanistan conflicts with Katelyn continuing to serve in the Maine Air National Guard.

In 1984, my career as a Maine State Trooper started in Franklin County. In 1994 I was promoted to Detective in the Criminal Investigation Division for the State Police, responsible for major crime in the state - as well as homicide and child abuse investigations. I was promoted to Sergeant in 1999 and supervised five detectives in the same unit. During my career with the Maine State Police, I obtained an

Associates Degree in Applied Science from Southern Maine Technical College in the field of Law Enforcement Technology. I also became a Cadre Supervisor at the Criminal Justice Academy and oversaw the training of new police officers at the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program (I now serve on the Board of the Academy). During my tenure with the State Police, I spent 15 years as a member of the Tactical Team (SWAT), receiving medals for bravery and meritorious service.


Upon my retirement from the Maine State Police in 2004, I embarked upon another adventure for the Department of State as a security contractor in Iraq. While there - I was a team leader of seven civilian police officers, our job being to work with Iraqi police units located in the countryside north of Baghdad. This duty was extremely dangerous and entailed spending long days in hostile areas. As a side note - I must say that as citizens of this country we have the finest military on earth. Their professionalism and esprit de corps was evident on a daily basis and I will always be grateful for their support and protection during times of great danger.

After fulfilling my one-year contract in 2005, I returned to Maine and continued working for the Maine State Police as a Trooper patrolling Franklin County. This was a great opportunity to reconnect with “the road” and the citizens of the county.


In 2008 I realized another opportunity of a life time, to become Chief of Police in Carrabassett Valley. What a wonderful experience it was to be able to work with a community and tailor the mission of the department to the specific needs of the community it serves. After consulting with my wife and speaking with the leadership of Carrabassett Valley, I decided to put my (then) 27 years of law enforcement experiences to the test. I ran for and was elected as your Sheriff of Franklin County.

As I embark on another term, I am proud to report to you that the promises I made to you in 2012 have been kept.​​



All of these programs develop a relationship of trust with (you) the public, that helps us combat crime. We are nothing without the support of YOU, the people of Franklin County. Without you we could not be as successful as we have been over the years in solving crime and keeping our communities safer as a result.

For the past eight years I have served you as Sheriff of Franklin County. The Sheriff’s Office and Franklin County, as well as the State of Maine and this Nation has seen an increasing number of challenges in that time. You need and want a Sheriff with the experience, wisdom and courage to stand up to these challenges, especially those that threaten your civil liberties.


In 2012, I promised to:

  • Expand Patrol – Done! proactive patrol without increasing manpower

  • Return the Jail – Done!  I worked hard to bring the jail back to a full time operation

  • Bring in community policing – Done! with programs such as:

    • Citizens Police Academy

    • Elder Checks

    • Building Checks

    • Basic Firearms Safety Courses

    • Keeping Your Keys Program

    • Birthday Parades

    • Rural School Outreach Programs

My priorities as your Sheriff have always been to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. I have worked to see that everyone is protected, represented and defended. The well being of the citizens of Franklin County, as well as the security of their property and their civil liberties, which we all hold so dear, are my greatest ambitions in serving you, the people.

Sheriff Scott Nichols

“Of the People, For the People.”