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I support Sheriff Scott Nichols for re-election in November.  We have worked together for several years and I highly respect his work.  Scott provides strong leadership, has a great deal of law enforcement experience, and makes public safety his number one priority for our county.  I look forward to continuing to work with him in the years to come.

Andrew Robinson, Esq.

Franklin County District Attorney


My name is Dalene Sinskie and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker here in Franklin County. I have known and worked with Scott Nichols for several years, starting back when he was Chief of Police for Carrabassett Valley.

As a contracted provider for behavioral services within the Franklin County jail, I have found Scott to be an open and clear communicator and receptive to new ideas. He is a strong proponent for bringing in evidenced based practices that best support treatment and recovery, as well as supportive services for his team of deputies and corrections officers.

Whenever I have reached out to Scott to introduce a new program, problem solve or simply check-in, he is responsive, direct and unbiased.

Scott has my full support and vote for continuing as Franklin County’s Sheriff.


I would like to extend my support to Scott Nichols for Sheriff. When I think of a police officer, I think of someone with integrity and heart. Scott possesses these qualities as a Sheriff and as a member of our community. Scott has been a voice for the people at a state level, bringing our jail back to normal instead of a 72-hour holding facility.

I have had the privilege of working with Scott over the past several years on our Franklin County budget. He is conscientious, detail-oriented, easy to talk to. No question is ever too big or too small. He listens to all input given. Titles don’t matter to Scott - he has remained humble and kind throughout his term as Sheriff.

I am proud to have Scott represent our great community whether here at home or wherever his travels take him.

In the uncertain times we are facing, I am happy to have faith and confidence in those currently serving us.

I am proud to endorse Scott Nichols for Franklin County Sheriff, ‘The People’s Sheriff’.

Thank you,
Tiffany Estabrook, Chesterville

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Served 4 years active military. Honorable Discharge. DAV Lifetime member and American Legion.

Served 28 years as a United States Border Patrol Agent. Worked with local, county, state and federal officers from California to Maine. Worked alongside officers in both the United States and Canada to include, but not limited to, the Farmington Police Department, Carrabassett Valley Police Department, Maine State Police, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Enough about me. Now let’s talk about Nichols.

Sheriff Nichols is one of the most professional, dedicated, committed, community minded officers I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Sheriff Nichols is the kind of officer when he walks into a room other officers sit up straight.

His demeanor is “no nonsense” and yet unquestionably approachable to his troops and the public he serves.

Sheriff Nichols stands for fairness and justice ... For his community and for the men & women who work for him.

Nichol’s career began in the mid 80’s as a Maine State Trooper. His career with the Maine State Police ran the full gamut from road trooper to Detective Sergeant and cadre supervisor at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.

Upon retiring from the Maine State Police Nichols served as Chief of Police with the Carrabassett Valley Police Department where he dealt with locals and vacationers alike.

Sheriff Nichols listens when someone is talking ... Truly listens ... More interested in their concerns and perspective than his own.

He makes the hard decisions when situations demand it.

He understands the importance of building a strong team and providing that team with the tools to do their job effectively.

Why am I supporting Sheriff Nichols ?? ... You’d have to find me a reason not to support him and I just don’t see that happening ...

I could go on ... but I’m not ...

Let’s do ourselves, our community, and our county a huge service and support Nichols for Sheriff ...


Bob Tripi
Deputy Chief Patrol Agent (ret.)
United States Border Patrol

Back in 2016 Michael Bloomberg and his Mom's Demand Action came to Maine looking to pass "Universal Background Checks", which was really just a sneaky way to deprive Mainers of their right to own firearms.

I immediately became interested in fighting this attempt to destroy our way of life and decided to jump in head first. I spent many months helping raise money, handing out signs and spreading the word about the negative affects of UBC on our 2nd Amendment rights.

Michael Bloomberg managed to get support from a few law enforcement officials who do not support our Constitution. But one law enforcement official stood out and that was Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. He immediately came to our side and started putting out ads telling the truth about UBC. He stood next to us at the state house and helped us fight the biggest attack on gun rights in Maine, ever. And we won!

He leads with honor and courage and works hard to balance effective law enforcement with doing what is best for the taxpayers of Franklin county.

For this reason I am fully endorsing Sheriff Nichols for re-election as Sheriff. He has proven time and time again that he stands with the people of Franklin County and the people of Maine.

Nathan Sawyer

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As the former Chief of Farmington PD and the recently retired Director of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, I have known Sheriff Scott R. Nichols for over 27 years.  Sheriff Nichols, then a Sergeant with the Maine State Police, worked many successful cases with Farmington PD.  Later on, then Sgt. Nichols was assigned as a Cadre Supervisor for 18 months at the police academy by training all the new law enforcement officers from around the State. 


Scott Nichols not only did a great job at training these new officers, but he, as the Sheriff of Franklin County, was appointed 5 years ago by Governor LePage to be a member of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy Board of Trustees.  As a current MCJA Board member, Sheriff Nichols has been instrumental in many changes to the basic law enforcement and correction officers training programs, as well as holding the certification of officers accountable when potential de-certifiable conduct has occurred.  


As a resident of Strong, Maine I feel very strongly that Sheriff Nichols has a track record of providing all the citizen of Franklin County, the very best law enforcement service.   I highly recommend Sheriff Scott R. Nichols to be reelected.

John Rogers, Retired Director

Maine Criminal Justice Academy

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Video Endorsements

State Senator Tom Saviello of Wilton

State Representative Tom Skolfield, Weld

House District #112

State Representative Lance Harvell, Farmington

I am Representative Scott Landry and I represent District 113, including the towns of Farmington & New Sharon. I have known and worked with Scott Nichols for many years. Scott is my go-to guy whenever I have questions about law enforcement issues. He has done a great job since becoming our County Sheriff and I fully support his reelection. Vote for Scott!

Scott Landry
PO Box 23
ME 04938

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I am proud to offer Sheriff Scott Nichols my support in his run for re-election as Franklin County Sheriff. Scott has spent his adult life serving his nation, state, and community. From his time in the military to his time as a Maine State Trooper, and now as Sheriff, he has been an outstanding public servant and someone Mainers can count on. As our Sheriff, he has carried out his duties well, keeping our citizens protected and running the Sheriff's Department very professionally. I look forward to voting for Sheriff Nichols this year and hope you will join me in voting for him!

Russell Black
Maine State Senator, District 17


Sheriff Nichols always puts himself on the front lines of the battle to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights for Maine people everywhere. His support for Constitutional Carry in Maine was key to passing that law and making our state one of the safest in the country. He also worked hard to defeat gun control schemes of the political left who are constantly attacking the 2nd Amendment.

Sheriff Nichols takes the oath he swore to protect the Constitution seriously. It was not just an empty gesture or a photo op.

Scott’s unwavering commitment to protecting the lives and liberties of the Maine people are unmatched — and I wholeheartedly endorse him for re-election as Franklin County Sheriff.

~Eric Brakey for Congress

I have over 40 years of full time law enforcement experience in varying positions. I am retired from the Maine State Police, retired municipal police officer and Chief of Police, former Oxford County Deputy Sheriff and three years as an International Police Advisor in Afghanistan. I've known Scott Nichols (Franklin County's High Sheriff) since he became a police officer. I have to say without a doubt he is one of the most, if not the most dedicated public servants I have known. He is honest, hardworking and competent. Sheriff Nichols is fair and believes in preserving our rights as citizens and keeping our state and county safe. The citizens of Franklin County have every reason to be proud of their Sheriff's Department, especially under Sheriff Nichol's leadership.

David Lyons

It has been five years since I have worked for Franklin County and I can not even think of working for another Sheriff than Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. He has done a lot for the county and for the SO and the jail that I have seen in working as a CO.


His door is always open and he has helped us through this pandemic and is always thinking of his CO’s and Deputies, Please everyone go out and vote and vote for the best Sheriff a county can have and that person is none other than Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr.

Jim Norton

Sgt., Franklin County Detention Center

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I have been a firefighter and EMT for New Sharon Fire/Rescue for 20 years and since Sheriff Nichols took the reins I have seen an amazing transformation on the relationship between us firefighters and his deputies. He has really put together an amazing team to watch over us. He truly cares about the communities in Franklin County. He and his crew will go above and beyond to help out. His officers are awesome to talk and socialize with outside of the uniform. I will be voting for Sheriff Nichols on voting day (November 3). He is a man that I want to continue to grow and keep us and our children safe day and night. Scott Nichols Sr. - you have my vote for as long as you want to remain protecting us and I am sure the majority of us in the shiny red trucks feel the same way.

Tory Mooar, New Sharon

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Today is a great day to tell you why I will again be supporting Scott Nichols Sr. for Franklin County Sheriff, and why you should too.

I have been employed in the Corrections Division since 1998, and Sheriff Nichols is the third sheriff I have served under. The changes in the department I have witnessed during this time period are significant.

The jail falls under the constitutional purview of the Sheriff. In former administrations the prevalent attitude was that "Corrections officers could be found on any street corner. " and this was reflected in the morale and professionalism of the Corrections staff. Sheriff Nichols, by his own admission at the time, knew little about Corrections. He promptly remedied this by attending the MCJA basic Corrections Course and became certified as a Corrections officer. This earned him great respect from the Corrections officers at the jail, as it was unprecedented move. This act was also an indication that Sheriff Nichols was a genuine leader that had real concern for his people, and not a figurehead content with adding the title of "Sheriff" to his resume.

During my interactions with the Sheriff, I have had occasion to deliver information that the average person would consider very upsetting at the least. Sheriff Nichols displayed professionalism and intelligence at these times, and used his considerable life experience and wisdom to make decisions for the best of the department and the Citizens of the county.

Sheriff Nichols also showed great leadership in spearheading the re-opening of FCJ to full jail status, thus assuring Franklin county Tax revenue stayed in Franklin county, and was not distributed to counties with less frugal budgets. 

All of the above is well and good, but is not the primary reason I think the Citizens of Franklin county should Re-elect the Sheriff.

Sheriff Nichols has time and again proven himself to be a true defender of the rights of the people, the first and often ONLY senior member of law enforcement in the COUNTRY to speak publicly on various issues, from Question 3, to proposed draconian gun laws, to easing peoples fears of a police state rising during the Covid lockdown.

In the years to come, if 2020 has been any indication, we will face more perilous times. We will need true, tested and experienced leaders who know and respect the Constitutional rights of all citizens, not reactionary wallflowers who will use poling data as a guide on how to act.

Sheriff Nichols is one of an increasingly rare breed of law enforcement leader: one you can count on to do the right thing, even when it when it is the hard thing.

Lt. John Donald
Franklin County Detention Center

If I lived in Franklin County, My vote without a bat of an eye would go for the Re-Election of Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr.!


#1. Besides that I knew him from my time as a Somerset County Deputy and he was with the State police. And a prime example of Integrity I must mention.

#2. This is the Big Reason: At the onset of the Pandemic and Governor Mill's Mandates, Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr. came out with a public statement which proclaimed, (In a nutshell here) That we were "NOT" in a police state, and that he and his Dept would do everything in their power to encourage safety precautions, but would NOT infringe on citizens "Civil Liberties".

Again this is a very brief description of his statement, but from my knowledge the ONLY head Law Enforcement in Maine to make such a statement! For myself as well as many other Mainers his public statement gave comfort that our U.S. Constitution and Civil Liberties would be protected at all cost.

If you reside in Franklin County, in these Trying times, Vote for TRUE Public Safety, (Every Aspect of Public safety) Vote to Re Elect Sheriff Scott Nichols Sr.

Rene Guay

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Who do I support for Sheriff? Let me start by saying Scott Nichols is not a perfect man. He certainly has not let me do everything that I have wanted to do in the past 8 years and he and I have disagreed from time to time, quietly, behind closed doors. But, as things turned out, he has usually been right and he has always made his decisions based on what is best for Franklin County and the taxpayers, not simply what was in his best interest.

I met Scott about 17 years ago. He was the head cadre (lead supervisor) for my academy class at the police academy. I had the opportunity over that 18 weeks to see him in a variety of situations, and he had the opportunity to see me struggle, fail, struggle again and overcome. Some of the things that I came to know very well about Scott were his love for his family, his commitment to law enforcement and his dedication to making those around him better. I saw his leadership in helping to develop new officers, to challenge them to be better, to do better, to succeed. I saw his fairness in how he treated people, whether they were cadets, fellow cadre or other academy staff. I saw his disappointment when people failed and his compassion as he helped that person get back on track. Several times he pushed me to grow beyond what I thought possible.

I saw him guide and direct cadets at the firing range during firearms week, teaching how weapons function, cleaning and maintenance of firearms, safe usage and handling and accurate firing of those weapons. (Today he teaches monthly classes for the public at the Wilton Fish & Game about safe firearms handling and shooting). Scott has been a firearms instructor longer than most police officers in Franklin County have been alive, that means he has lots of experience. He doesn’t have experience just with firearms, he has experience in multiple facets of law enforcement. He was a member of the Maine State Police Tactical Team where he learned, taught and executed high risk arrests and search warrants. Scott also served as a Detective and later a Detective Sergeant for the Major Crimes Division of the Maine State Police. There he learned about and investigated homicides, child abuse and other major crimes. As Detective Sergeant, he supervised other detectives in those tasks.

One of my proudest moments during my academy class was when I gave the class speech and started by singling Scott out from the other Cadre and dedicating our class banner to him. The entire class loved Scott because they saw the compassionate and fair leader he was. Spending 18 weeks with someone, day and night, you get to know them. That’s not something that can be faked. Scott is the kind of leader that others will follow.

After my graduation from police academy, Scott left for Iraq for a year to go teach their police officers as they attempted to re-establish law and order in their country. I kept in contact with Scott while he was gone, sharing some of my success and my failures. He always took the time to reply and always had some good advice and a positive and encouraging comment. Usually with a bit of humor and a good chuckle added.

When Scott came back from Iraq, he and I worked side by side for a few years as he returned to “work the road” as a Trooper in Franklin County for the Maine State Police until he became the Chief of Police in Carrabassett Valley. During those years, I spoke with him many times about running for Sheriff because we needed great leadership, we needed someone who could inspire the deputies and reassure the public. We needed someone to represent Franklin County at the State level at Legislative meetings and hearings. We needed someone to get our jail back.


When Scott finally did run for Sheriff, he didn’t do so just because he wanted to be Sheriff for his own ego or benefit, he did so because he had been talking to the people of Franklin County and the deputies and he wanted to make things better for all of us. He wanted to get the jail opened again as a full-functioning facility. He wanted to fix the things that were upside down and make things right again. He wanted to bring pride back to the Sheriff’s Office and inspire the people who worked there to be better and succeed.

After he was elected, Scott did all those things, with minimal impact on the budget. In fact, we have seen the fat cut from the budget while improving the service that both the jail and patrol provide. Scott has fought for change at the State level with the Legislature. He has stood up for your rights and the Constitution. He is not one to simply accept egregious mistreatment of our laws and civil rights. He has demanded excellence from those who work at the jail and for the patrol division. I don’t know one deputy or corrections officer today who is not proud to work at Franklin County.

All these things have not come without cost. We have lost some good people over the past 8 years, for a variety of reasons. Some left for personal reasons, some left because they were unable to meet expectations, some because they got caught doing things they shouldn’t have done or wouldn’t do the things they were required to do. Scott has always held employees to a high standard and when those standards were violated or not met, appropriate actions have always been taken. Most of those issues only rise to the level of policy infractions and are handled by the administration. On occasions where there were questions about whether laws were possibly broken, an outside investigator from another agency was brought in to eliminate any question of favoritism, influence or corruption. Scott has always held people accountable.

So here we are, almost eight years later and under the guidance of Sheriff Scott Nichols we have the most professional and committed Sheriff’s Office Franklin County has ever had. From the administration to the criminal investigators to the patrol deputies, the jail administration and support staff and all the corrections officers, never have we had a better group of men and women dedicated to keeping our county safe. If we lose Scott as our Sheriff, we risk losing all of that.

So, yes, I am supporting and voting for Scott Nichols for Re-Election for Sheriff of Franklin County. Not only because I know the man, but because I know so many of the things that are being said by the opposition are untrue. So, while Scott may not be a perfect man (are any of us?), he is THE PERFECT MAN for Franklin County Sheriff. Please research both candidates. Talk to your neighbors, your relatives and friends about their personal experience with both. You will come to the same conclusion I have. A vote for Scott Nichols is a vote for professionalism, compassion, service and reliable leadership. I encourage you to join me in voting to keep our Sheriff, the People’s Sheriff, Scott Nichols, for another four years.


David Rackliffe

David Rackliffe.jpg