Crime Scene Tape


Criminal investigations is the spear tip of the Sheriff’s Office.  Over the past eight years our investigative unit has evolved into a 21st century criminal investigative unit.  You will find our investigators always in the lead when it comes to investigating domestic violence, drugs, and property crime.  Using the most modern techniques involving link analysis, crime scene processing, and cell phone data analysis, they work

closely with local law enforcement as well as M.I.A.C. (Maine Information and Analysis Center) to collect, analyze and appropriately share intelligence between the federal, state and local government.  They are always available to assist other agencies as a force multiplier in their particular investigations.  All our investigators have attended and continue to attend advanced training that keeps their interview skills and investigative

abilities tuned sharp. They are the premier sex crime investigators in Franklin County and are recognized as the experts when dealing with child victims.  Their commander, Lt. David St. Laurent, is involved with groups such as Safe Voices, CAC (Children’s Advocacy Center), the Domestic Violence Homicide Review panel, the Children’s Task Force, and the Advisory board for child death.